Naughty Things Uncategorized Woman mortified as she accidentally sends X-rated text to university lecturer

Woman mortified as she accidentally sends X-rated text to university lecturer

The woman made the awkward confession on Reddit, where she admitted “It’ll prob make classes with him awkward for a while,” after he read the saucy text message

The woman was mortified after she realised she’d sent a dirty message to her university professor instead of her boyfriend.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, she said that she’d been reading a “trashy romance book” when her boyfriend “started dissing the story, poking holes all over the narrative.”

She said: “There’s a paragraph where the two protagonists seen on the cover are playing pool and the girl (who btw is the worst self-insert ever) loses so she tells the guy to ‘please punish me, daddy.'”

Although he laughed when she mentioned it, she claims “he seemed pretty upset by me reading it.”

The next day, the woman had been browsing her local book store, as she does every week, when she came across the same book she had been reading the day before.

So, she decided to buy it as a joke, and send him a selfie with the book captioning it, “punish me, daddy.”

But it was only when she pressed send that she realised her mistake – she’d sent it to her lecturer.

“I use WhatsApp as my primary messaging app,” she explained.

“You can click pictures through WhatsApp’s camera and directly send them by tapping on your contacts.”

She explained her boyfriend and lecturer have the same name and so are next to each other in her contacts list.

The only difference between the two names was that her professor has the name of her college at the end.

“I ended up sending the picture to my professor because his name came up first,” she said, adding, “Silly mistake, could’ve deleted right? But I didn’t realise this until I got into a taxi and by then there were two blue ticks on the message,” which signal that the message has been read.

“I was mortified because he could’ve reported me for breaking student-teacher protocol.”

The only thing she could do was apologise and say it was an accident.

He replied the next day, saying: “It’s very disruptive to the hallowed student-teacher relationship and I do NOT condone this kind of behaviour.”

Concluding her post, she said: “It’ll prob make classes with him awkward for a while.”

Oops! She won’t be making that mistake again.

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